The basics of an effective web design and why you need it

Web Design is a broad term and is the slightly shortened meaning of website design. There are three main areas that make up web design which are:

Graphic design for website (Images and Pictures)
Coding to make it all work (behind the pictures and images)
Content writing and SEO (The text content and titles)

You need to get all three elements of the web design done, so you end up investing in an efficient website for your business and Organisation. As a web designer, it frustrates when you come across a small business owner who had a real novice and poor website designed and after they get no benefits from their site they think the internet offers no opportunities for the enterprise.

The fact of the matter is you need a nice professional looking website that will attract the right customers. It must be easy to use and navigate, so it works well so they don’t get put off your site and go to another. When you have achieved this, your content must make it easy for potential customers to act i.e. buy your products or call and inquire.


Never forget that even though you have a great web design and the best product if no one can find your website you will never have any visitors. So always keep your focus simple. You want customers buy your products online, or you want local homeowners to find your service when they need it. The you need the market, advertise and make sure your website is search engine friendly.

Your web design is your business window on the internet as a web designer it is my job to construct your online presence with an active website. Always research your online partner carefully, don’t get over charged for a plain site.

There are many jobs on the web that you can venture into. What is more beneficial is that almost all of the said jobs offer a lucrative pay and you can even do them at your own time and the comfort of your home. Thus, if you have a talent for writing, then you can be a content writer. If you think that you are a good listener and you can take down notes efficiently, then you have a bright future in transcription. You can also do web marketing, but if you are planning to have your own business through the use of the internet, you should acquaint yourself in web designing and all the things that are related to it.

It may be said that web design is the heart of any online business. This is because web design is the thing that contributes a lot to the success of any online business. But for the web design to be of such role in your company, you should first understand some of its basics. The very first thing that you should know about web design is that it is the first one that can be noticed by your online clients. Because the first impression counts a lot in any online business, it is only important that your site has a good website design. There are also many tips on how you can make a good website design. Foremost among them is that your contact information should be on your site. It is also not recommended to add too many graphics on your site. This is because having too many graphics can slow down the loading of your site and it may cause difficulty in searching for the right information. It is also important that you do not put too much information on your site and it is recommended that in designing your website, you should break it to different pages and categories.

Aside from having a good web design, you should also know other things related to your site. One of them is that your site should feature a proper way of managing keywords. This would make your site more SEO-friendly. Another is that your site should be adequately described for it to attract more customers and to gain more website traffic. This can be done with a 30-word description of your site and the things that it intends to sell.

Having your website is the best thing that you can do, especially if you have your own online business. This can make your online business more profitable. But to have a properly functioning website, the very first thing that you should care about is its web design. You should not worry about how you can have a proper web design as all you need to do to follow the things mentioned above. There are also individuals and entities that are offering their services as website designers and you can vouch on their expertise in doing the job.

Tips To Improve Your Website Design

Do you want to be sure of your web visitors exiting your website the very moment they land? It’s quite simple, make it tough for them to find what they need or what they are looking for on your site. Traffic is essential, a website without a significant amount of traffic can as well be considered to be “DEAD.” Website design is notoriously flexible and requires the designer to have all the website design tricks up his sleeve. If you want to get people to your site and have them stay there longer (which is every web designer’s goal), be sure to utilize some of these web design tips.

Get Rid of Clutter

Digital marketing experts say that in these days, it is very easy to be visually bombarded with images to a point where the brain stops all its information processing activities when confronted by many options. For you to keep visitors on your web page, it is important to ensure that your website does not have competing visual clutter or call to actions that will draw the visitor’s attention to the most relevant section of the page. When reducing the amount of clutter on landing pages, it is advisable to limit the options and links in the footer and header to narrow the visitor’s focus on something specific. Another tip for streamlining pages is keeping your paragraphs short. For the most active website, a single paragraph should not exceed six lines.

Utilize Intuitive Navigation

The primary navigation options are usually deployed in a menu bar that is horizontal at the top of the site. You should provide some secondary navigation options beneath the main navigation bar or on the left margin of the site, which is also known as the sidebar. So what is the importance of intuitive navigation? Navigation layouts that are confusing will result in your visitors quitting your page rather than trying to figure out where to go. Instead of placing links to some less relevant pages that distract your vital information or your primary call to action at your homepage’s very top, use the footer of your page to put some of the less valuable information and links. This will make your landing page more appealing.

Use Fonts That Can Be Easily Read Across Browsers and Devices

When selecting fonts, it is important to note that individuals will not only be viewing your website from a laptop but also from mobile phones. Some large fonts may read very well on a laptop monitor but not render well on a mobile handset that can lead to a loss of the desired feel and look. It is, therefore, advisable to use a universal font. Making your website stand out calls for mobile optimized web designing. Many people around the globe access the internet via mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones; using fonts that are visible on mobile devices diversify your market. Remember, mobile optimization is critical when it comes to web design.
Remember, the failure and success of a website depends on the website design.